What Are the Major Types of Marijuana Strains?

The various marijuana strains differ in their effects and the type of plant they’re derived from. The people who smoke marijuana select their favorite strain according to the impact they would like to experience. One person’s experience may differ from someone else’s, even though each variety is recognized for having a distinct effect.

Various tastes, smells, and strength levels can be found in multiple strains. Other strains can be made from the same primary strain. Because of the constant development of strains, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find both non-medical and medicinal marijuana varieties readily available.

Marijuana Strains

Its effects can vary depending on the variety, preparation, and method. Cannabis has several strains, much like many other plants. The four primary kinds of marijuana are well recognized.


Cannabis indica is often shorter and resembles a plant because it is native to a mountainous and cold region. Compared to a sativa flower, it has rounder, fuller, and darker leaves. The buds are usually formed in clusters.

Cannabis indica is a potent plant because it produces high THC levels but not much CBD. It usually has a calming or soothing effect that makes users want to relax on the couch. Because of its properties, it causes a massive “body high.”

These effects can help you rest and ease discomfort, but they may also affect you. Loss of motivation, lethargy, and depression symptoms could be felt. Consult a company like Euphoria Wellness for additional information.


Cannabis sativa, native to warmer regions, has long, thin leaves and a propensity to grow quite tall. Because of the stimulant effects of sativa plants, users often inhale marijuana from these strains in the morning. Some claim that it aids them in concentrating and being more creative.

People with melancholy or weariness typically use sativa due to its mood-lifting and stimulating properties. Additionally, some of the symptoms of ADHD and other mood disorders have been alleviated by it.

Pure cannabis strains that are sativa are rare because they often cause anxiety, erratic heartbeats, and other negative consequences. Panic attacks and anxiety are two more adverse results of sativa.


Hybrid strains are created through cross-germination of their seed to produce the effects of the most well-known cannabis strains. At present, hybrids are more common than pure indica and sativa strains.

Commonly, existing hybrids are combined to make new varieties. Marijuana varieties are continually being created, especially for recreational use. Because of their diversity, psychoactive and physical effects may differ from strain to strain. Look up “Dispensary Hamilton, MT” for the best results.


Compared to the other two species of weed, cannabis ruderalis grows more slowly and has thinner fibrous stems and more giant leaves. In addition, since it’s an auto-flowering plant, the age of a plant rather than the amount of sunlight determines the time it flowers.

Ruderalis is significantly lower in THC levels than sativa and indica strains and has higher CBD concentrations. As opposed to recreational use, Cannabis ruderalis strains are commonly mixed with other strains and used for medical reasons.

High CBD concentrations may help in the use of ruderalis for epileptic treatment. It’s difficult to pinpoint the precise results of cannabis ruderalis since it is often mixed with other varieties. Visit weed shops in Bozeman to see various types of marijuana products that are available.