The Real Reason Dentists Want You to Keep Your Appointments

Dentists have a secret. They won’t admit it, but they hate dealing with pesky tooth problems, especially when removing or extracting teeth. In fact, they hate it a lot that they want you back in the clinic every six months.

Twice a year, they get the opportunity to save your teeth from saying goodbye to you. Instead of waiting for a toothache or infection, they clean thoroughly and look for cavities or gum disease signs.

Why Dentists Insist on Regular Examinations

Dentists would rather help you prevent tooth and gum issues. They love it when you get to keep all your natural teeth, which is their very first goal. Dentists, such as the reliable ones in Eurodental Studio, care genuinely for your overall and oral health. Here’s how they help you keep your teeth:

Dental Cleaning

The first thing they do is get your pearly whites clean. Even though you brush and floss daily, there are possibilities that plaque can get right below your gum line. Dentists can reach everywhere to eliminate plaque buildup and spots with their tools.

Tooth Decay Check

When the debris from teeth is removed, it exposes more. Catching any indication of tooth decay is the second agenda dentists have. You can get it removed and sealed if it is caught early, or the dentist can suggest fillers to prevent it from worsening.


Dentists will use X-rays to make sure any oral health problems, cavities, or disease is identified early. It is essential to find out if anything will cause a problem in the future and what actions can be done, such as impacted wisdom teeth extraction and more.

Disease Screening

It might trigger severe issues if tartar gets between the gums and teeth. Getting gums inspected can spare you from a receding gum line and prevents the disease from reaching the roots of your teeth. Aside from periodontal diseases, dentists likewise inspect and test you for signs of oral cancer.

Recommendations and Advice

Your dentist will offer you the correct suggestions if you need corrective or restorative treatments like braces or clear aligners. Treatments like these are also preventive for oral issues you may deal with, such as receding gums or susceptibility to tooth decay. Let your dentist discuss what you might need, so you can safeguard yourself from losing teeth.

How about emergency cases?

Even if you have been an excellent patient, keeper of good oral health, and an advocate of flossing, there will be inescapable emergency cases. In case of injuries like teeth getting knocked out, an impacted wisdom tooth finally erupting, etc., teeth may need to be extracted. If you require immediate attention, call your dentist for assistance.

As soon as you get a tooth or teeth extracted, seek advice for the next step from your dentist. You may need treatments such as dentures or implants if needed. Do not wait long to get the problem fixed, as advised by those practicing family dentistry in Brooklyn. You may be looking at more issues in the future if you don’t deal with this now.

The Bottomline

Dentists do not want to pull your teeth out or get you to spend on unnecessary costly treatments. Dentists just want your teeth complete and your mouth healthy. Keep your appointments because it benefits you more than it helps them.