What Is the Best Way to Consume Marijuana? 5 Ways to Take Cannabis

Marijuana and its active components come in various forms and potencies. They may impact individuals in multiple ways, whether you’re a first-time user or a seasoned pro. People currently use marijuana in a variety of ways. Some techniques are utilized for medicinal marijuana, while others may be primarily used for recreational purposes.

The Most Effective Method of Consuming Cannabis

What is the best method to ingest cannabis now that there are so many alternatives and advancements? For that matter, there is no one correct response. Cannabis uniquely affects each person’s body. Here are some of the best methods your can try:


Using a bong or a joint and inhaling the smoke are the most common consumption methods for marijuana. Another common technique of smoking marijuana is to use a blunt, a hollowed-out cigar loaded with marijuana and tobacco. Pipe-like mini bongs, called “bubblers,” are also used by some people to smoke their pot.

In addition, hookah is one of the earliest means of smoking marijuana and other narcotics, and it’s still popular today. If you are looking for different methods to smoke your cannabis, there are other ways that you can try, you can check accessories for weed in Brampton


Marijuana vaporizing is a relatively new method of inhaling the substance. Using a vaporizer raises the temperature of the marijuana to just over the point at which it starts to burn. The active ingredients may be administered orally as a vapor instead of inhaled as more harmful smoke. About 95 percent of the smoke inhaled while smoking marijuana is reported to be eliminated when using the vaporizer. 

Increasing the production of anti-inflammatory terpenoids, which protect the lungs from irritation, may also benefit this method. The vaporizers’ prices, sizes, and technologies may all affect the potency of the vapor produced. It comes with a significant reduction in smell, which is usually the first thing people say about vaporizers when they use them for the first time. There are already various vaporizers in the market and visiting a cannabis dispensary in Wexford Ontario can make this experience real for you. 


Cooking, baking, or just combining with food may yield a range of items that can be swallowed orally or taken in capsule form from the oils collected from marijuana plants. Consuming edibles rather than inhaling cannabis is currently the safest method of marijuana consumption. 

Cakes, pastries, gummy bears, granola bars, and even chewing gum containing marijuana are being sold in dispensaries. You can even buy CBD Brampton in places where recreational marijuana is legal.


Drinking marijuana is increasingly overtaking edibles as a popular method of getting high. Marijuana drinks are not only more sanitary than smoking a joint, but they are also more convenient to ingest. In addition, marijuana beverages do not have a strong flavor or odor like other edibles.

The chemistry involved in modifying the cannabinoids to infuse with the beverage is the key to the efficacy of cannabis drinks. The fat in milk and the pulp in lemonades are required to efficiently bind the cannabinoids so that you receive a dose with every sip of infused cream or milk.

Topical Methods

Lastly, if you are only after the medicinal properties of marijuana and do not want to get high cannabis topicals will be the best option for you. Cannabis oil is infused in topical products, such as ointments, face cream, lotion, and lip balms. 

Sore muscles may be alleviated by applying the oils to the skin absorbed by the body. It is common for marijuana topicals to be used solely for therapeutic reasons since they don’t give the user a marijuana high.

The Takeaway

There are many ways to take marijuana, the way you choose to consume it is entirely up to you. Remember that everyone’s experience with it will be unique. It all comes down to personal preference.