Understanding Rent Increase Limits for 2023

Are you an occupant in California worried about a possible rent increase in 2023? Many tenants across the State are worried about the increasing living costs due to the economic recession and pandemic still affecting many people.

You might be wondering if your landlord could raise your rent by 2023. Although the amount will depend on several aspects, recent developments in the market suggest that it may be more than the norm. As an owner, knowing your rights and taking action to protect yourself from unfair rent increases is essential.

All About Rent Increases in California for 2023

It is vital to be informed in the case of renting a property. This text will give an overview of the expected rental increase in California in 2023.

Market Developments?

The rental market in California has experienced significant changes in the last few years because of the COVID-19 epidemic. A growing number of renters choose to rent instead of buying houses, which has led to a massive demand for rental homes.

Additionally, more rentals are needed because landlords are forced to sell their homes or convert them into short-term rentals. Since there aren’t as many rental properties and many people are looking to rent them, the rental market is becoming more competitive, giving landlords more control over how they can charge. You can visit this website to learn more about property rentals and transactions.

Notice for Rent

Before property management in Bay Area can raise the rent, they must provide their tenants with written notice of the increase they plan to make. The notice should state the increasing amount and when it will be effective. The notice must be sent at minimum 30 days before the service date for tenants who rent monthly or at most 60 days in advance to tenants with more extended rental agreements.

If a tenant is dissatisfied with the rent increase, they are entitled to discuss the matter with their landlord or complain to the local rent control agency.

Law on Rent Control

California adopted an act in 2019 restricting the amount of rent that can be paid within the State. The law stipulates that landlords aren’t allowed to increase the rent by more than 5 percent and the yearly inflation rate (up to 10 percent). By this rule, landlords can only raise the rent once per year. This only applies to houses that are 15 and older. It does not apply to single-family homes, duplexes, or condos.

2019 Tenant Protection Act

Tenants should be informed in writing about their rights and when they can expect to be evicted. If a tenant receives an order to leave and cannot, they may go to court and get a Redwood City property management firm to defend it. In addition, the law states that landlords aren’t allowed to evict tenants without any valid reason, for instance, if they fail to pay rent, violate the lease’s rules, or cause damage to the property they rent.


Landlords must still abide by the laws and regulations of their State. Remember that they can only increase rent once per year and must provide you with advance notice at least 30 days prior. If you believe the rent increase is unjustified, you can negotiate with your landlord or complain to the regional rent-control agency. Additionally, the Tenant Protection Act of 2019 provides tenants with additional protections by allowing them to challenge an eviction notice in court.

As tenants, you need to know your legal rights and keep up to date on changes in renting. This will help protect you financially and ensure you get an appropriate amount for your rental property.