Successful Budgeting


Lots of people might not agree but using a budget in place can truly decrease overall anxieties and stress in life. We can not predict what the next minute will bring. However, we could do our very best to plan proactively versus reactively. I do recognize every family differs. However, I do believe most families strive for preserving stability to the best of their ability. Here are 3 keys to successfully maintaining a budget (no matter if you are a single or household):

Consistent income. I know this might seem like a’duh’ announcement but with consistent income flowing to the house will help meet target budget objectives. I know there’s an immense entrepreneurial boom occurring and that’s amazing! I too have begun the path of creating my business. However, I’m in a season where I need my 9 to 5. And it is by choice! No, I am not afraid to quit my job. According to my situation, our family requires this full-time job. I have been with the business for nearly 14 years now and provides excellent health advantages for our household. That’s important due to the medical conditions in our family. I know to start your own business, being a freelancer, or taking lots of contractor tasks as an excellent way for freedom and flexibility. But if you continue to find yourself complaining about your financial situation, then its best you locate you a much more permanent J.O.B!

Intentionally perform better spending habits. This might include writing the budget down and stick it on your refrigerator to recall what bills are due. I create the budget for our family and my husband has frazzled when I don’t put that funding on the refrigerator! It is not that he does not already know because most of our invoices are consistent but he likes to see it. But we have to be intentional about getting better spending habits. Call it a regular – discipline – habit – I do not care! The purpose is to be deliberate and consistent.

Put your money where it is not always readily accessible. Some people do well with using a savings account with their checking accounts. They could go online, see money in their savings, rather than be tempted to spend it. However, others do not have the exact same power to resist. And that does not make that individual weak! That individual must acknowledge that weakness and fight it by placing their savings cash in an account they can not always see. This may mean finding other online banks to begin a savings account. Some actually offer great rates of interest and a low initial deposit to open the account! I encourage anyone who’s intent on saving to seek out a different bank if they’re serious about saving money.

There many more secrets to having a successful budget. Do not be afraid to seek advice from those who do well with saving and budgeting. Learn from others and you’ll be on your way to getting a successful budget too!