Guest Blog: Choosing the Right Candidate and Party to Lead Our Country


Decades ago you’re brought up to trust in a single political party. Families had their religions, churches, and a political party of choice to supply their kids with a rounded upbringing. Every political party had their core values to lure, build, and maintain members content. Somewhere down the line, we have lost that belief in these parties which gave us the needed stability. This is my thought process about how best to choose an ideal candidate and party…

Political parties appear to base their campaign platforms more targeting minority problems then bulk ones. I see a massive difference between one political party to another. This makes it more difficult to select the ideal candidate and party. All of these seem to not make a massive impact on the majorities needs. Like jobs, inflation, better market, and reduced taxes. To me, it seems people get fed-up with a single party and next election vote to another big one back in. Personally, I don’t have any faith in any candidate or political party now. I fear anyone who comes into power will screw-up, then walk away with a pension for life later that us the taxpayers support. They seem more to help themselves then this nation financially whatsoever. Our most recent leader in Canada became chosen on promising to make marijuana legal, which he’s performing, within a month in the office gave himself a raise, and then brought 30,000 immigrants we can not afford to support. Other leaders over the past 40 years have removed our businesses from manufacturing through free trade and made bad deals that have hurt all our fiscal well-being except theirs.

My suggestion is that perhaps it is time to protest, inform our governments and leaders that we will select our expectations. When they don’t meet those expectations maybe we can not afford their pensions. The majority of those who have a job for 4 years aren’t eligible for a pension anyway. This retirement concept could be an enticement to do a fantastic job. At the conclusion of the term, citizens would vote if this leader got his/her pension. I am sure we would love to trust which are government leaders are patriots, not in it for only money, but to make a difference growing the nation right! Honestly, now I believe it is impossible to vote for the correct leader and party. I select a candidate to vote with a coin toss heads or tails. How can you choose the ideal party and leader pretty much like me?