Municipal Government

The Municipality of the County of Inverness is pleased to welcome our constituents, the business community, tourists and those considering relocating to Inverness County for business or pleasure.

As Warden of Inverness County I have the pleasure of residing over one of Nova Scotia's most pristine areas in Nova Scotia. Western Cape Breton is home of the world famous Cabot Trail, the Ceilidh Trail and Celtic Renaissance.

This web site is designed to communicate information on Inverness County to residents and non-residents. If you would like to comment or request information please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible. This site has been created for you and will become a major component in our overall communication strategy. Each month this site will be updated with the latest news and notices so be sure to bookmark us for future inquiries.

The Municipality commences in Port Hastings and stretches to Cape North and has a population of 14,580. Our municipality is broken into 6 districts that are represented by elected councillors. The municipal offices are located in Port Hood, the Shire-town of the county and we welcome your visit.

We hope you enjoy this site and find it informative and easy to navigate.