Trails & Pathways

The Municipality is proud to be a partner with the Inverness County Trails Federation.  One of the latest trail developments in Inverness County is the new branding of the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail.  The trail follows a former railway line from Port Hastings north to Inverness, covering 92kms. The trail encompasses five distinct community led trails clubs who have developed and maintained their sections of the trail to create this beautiful destination trail.  Starting from the south they are: Ceilidh Coastal Trail Association, Judique Flyer Trail Association, Chestico Trails Club, Mabou Rivers Trail Club and the Shean Trail Association.

A website and facebook page have been established highlighting the Inverness County section of the Trans Canada Trail - "Celtic Shores Coastal Trail".  Trails throughout the Inverness County are also profiled on this site including the Cape Mabou Highlands and trails in the Cape Breton Highlands Park.