FALL REGISTRATION WEEK:  February 13 - 24, 2017


The Inverness County Recreation/Tourism Department invites you to get “On the Move” by participating in healthy lifestyle programs and activities this fall. Check out our schedule which offers a wide variety of classes and workshops for children, youth, adults, and seniors. Whether your interest is in crafts, sports, health, fitness or music, there is sure to be a class for you.

A full listing will be in published in the February issue of the Participaper periodical due in mailboxes  the first week of February.

Click below to download our programming issue:

Flip book format: The Participaper Vol 38 No 1 February 2017


Since it is difficult for instructors to plan their courses if there are too many late registrations, a $10 LATE CHARGE will be added for those registering after February 24, 2017 (the deadline date for mail-in registration.) If you would prefer not to pay this late charge make sure you register before this date.

You may register at the designated location in your community or mail your fees and registration information to your local programmer.

On-site registration week is February 13 - 24.  Mail-in registration will be accepted until Friday, September 24. Most courses have different start dates so please make sure to check with you local programmer or the information listed in this paper. We encourage you to register early, as all courses must meet a minimum enrollment. Your registration may determine whether the course will be delivered.

Registration Policy, Course Cancellation and HST:

Course admission is on a first come, first served basis. Although every effort is made to guarantee the successful delivery of a course, it is sometimes necessary to cancel a course due to low enrollment. In such cases a full refund will be issued from the Department of Recreation/Tourism. Refunds may also be issued if the day of the course changes or if there is a medical reason for withdrawal. Please note that courses taking place in schools will be cancelled on holidays and school cancellation days. For courses in other facilities, check with the local Programmer. Please note: Fees for all adult recreation classes include HST

New Courses/New Instructors:

If you have any ideas or suggestions for other courses you would like to see offered in your community,give us a call. Also, if you would like to teach a course, please contact your local programmer. General inquiries may be directed to the Recreation/Tourism Office at 787-3508.