Councillor Jim Mustard, District 3

Councillor-Jim-MustardAs a young man, Jim Mustard found himself in the beauty of Cape Breton with an interest in the land and a growing appreciation for the relationships in a community where you were needed and valued from infants to elders. He has spent much of his adult life with his partner Margaret creating a place to grow those relationships in the beauty of Pipers Glen with horses, goats, gardens, their 3 children and many children who find themselves in need of foster care.

Jim has always been interested in early child development and was the initial champion of the Roots of Empathy program in NS, and has been the coordinator for the eastern region since 2003.  Jim believes that one of the councillor’s roles is to convene the ongoing dialogue needed for a community to identify and prioritize what’s important and what needs to be done so that we can work together to revitalize our region making it the best place for everyone.


RR #1, Box 28, Pipers Glen Road
South West Margaree, Nova Scotia
B0E 3H0

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