Addiction Services

Primary Care Units (Detox)

Sydney 563- 2040
Strait Richmond 625 – 3230


  • safe, effective withdrawal management (detox)
  • addition education and cAounselling for individuals, families and community
  • dependency assessment, with follow=up and referrals

Admission to this service is based on need, admission criteria and bed availability.
Referral accepted from the client (self-referral), the client’s family, friends, community, self-help groups, clergy, and physicians.

Addiction Services - Self Help

Community Health Workers are available at the Addiction Services Offices:
Inverness 258-3300
Port Hawkesbury 625–2363

Free outpatient assistance in:

  • additional counselling alcohol, drug, smoking, gambling-prevention and community education
  • facilitated support groups

Based on need, information/education sessions are available to individuals and groups on:

  • Co-dependency
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • Gambling